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I always find myself

In the middle of your story

6/6/06 09:54 pm - Uh oh!



2/8/06 02:33 pm - Hmmm

Alex Patrick: Master of Terribly Retarded Situations. Haha.

Kidding, but seriously, yea. (As Cait would put it, haha.)

1st off: Yea I totally am good at getting myself into retarded situations where I just don't know what to do, lol. I don't get it, but it happens. At least this time it's not "I know what I want but I don't know what to do." That shit fucking SUCKS. This one is "I'm thrown two situations. Both have pros and cons, but one is uncertain and one is fairly certain." That kinda shit. (I'm being vague because there's other people invloved besides me).

2nd off: GOD DAMN IT!! I thought I had escaped LJ!! I had for months, and then I accidentally stumbled back here, and now look at me!! I'm posting.


2/6/06 10:50 pm - ...


'Nuff Said.

OUT :)

10/24/05 03:11 pm - I demand my payment in CASSSSHHHH

MSI's live show RULES. Especially the SECOND TIME.
Partying with your friends RULES. Especially two nights in a row.
School concerts have potential to RULE. Especially when your band makes a surprise appearance.

Mmmmmm. ROUGH weekend. But totally worth it.
My friends are awesome. They just like to have a good time.
Like me.

Gotta sort some shit out, but that doesn't phase me right now.
All I have to worry about is College apps, and an English project.


10/10/05 11:38 am - Hehehehe

Wooo, going to see Mindless Self Indulgence AGAIN!!!



10/6/05 03:02 pm - Wow...

Holy shit. Crazy "weekend." (Tuesday and Wednesday off from school). We were supposed to go to CBGBs on Monday night, but shit kept falling apart, so I suggested we just forget it and party in Mahopac, instead of getting stressed out over CBGBS. Good Choice. Then we went to Rachelle's and had a pretty damn crazy time. Good Choices and Bad Choices, lol. Not going into ANY detail at all there. No need for that, lol.

Whole next day = dead. Not to mention my parents gave me like 20 jobs to do. Gah.

Wednesday I checked out the University of Hartford. Cool place.

Umm, yea. That's it I guess.


9/10/05 01:19 pm - I like my coffee BLACK

Fucking hilarious new MSI video!! Not to mention it was directed by the GENIUS known as Jhonen Vasquez, creator of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac as well as Invader Zim. Doesn't star the band themselves, but it's still REALLY funny. Click the MSI picture on the right when you get to the page, and enjoy.


9/8/05 05:21 pm - "Loving Love from the Love of My Life" - BTBAM

Well. School's good. Fairly good classes (though Calc may be the death of me). Not a lotta friends in my classes though, but that's ok.

The Every Time I Die show was amazing. Only caught the openers and ETID, because after the openers we (Me, Andrew, Andrew, Nick, Steph, Mike and Mike) headed off to get chinese food. When we got back High of Fire was on, so we went to the back and basically just chilled there with Jordan and Keith from Every Time I Die. They are pretty fucking awesome guys. We headed inside to cach their AMAZING set, and afterwards we headed to the back again and just hung out with the whole band, plus High on Fire until the Chance people came and yelled at us. AMAZING time. I'll have pics up in a while.

I picked up ALASKA, Between the Buried and Me's new album too. It's fucking CRAZY. Like Rush, if Rush kinda liked a little death metal and grindcore too. Hahaha. God honest truth, some of it REALLY reminds me of Rush. Crazy progressive stuff.

AHHH, I need a really good weekend though. REALLY.


8/31/05 09:57 pm - Don't even think of LYING

I've been really looking into lyrics more than I used to. Man, there are some really good writers in the metalcore/hardcore genre. Nicolas Brooks (It Dies Today) is pretty fucking good, even if his lyrics look a little emo. And OF COURSE Keith Buckley is AMAZING. I've know that since I picked up "Hot Damn!" like... however fucking long ago that was. Anyways, here are some excerpts.

Nicolas Brooks LyricsCollapse )

Keith Buckley's LyricsCollapse )

I'm going to stop there. It seems a little long. You don't have to read every bit of that I guess.


8/31/05 08:46 pm

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